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Giving Back

Mantisyoga believes in the power of yoga and its ability to change peoples' lives for the better.  It has been our goal since the creation of this brand to not only make amazing functional products, but also to ensure that we support the broader yoga community and those working to enrich other peoples lives through the practice of yoga.  Mantisyoga annually gives a percentage of all sales to Africa Yoga Project.




What is Africa Yoga Project?

Vision and Mission

Africa Yoga Project Educates, Empowers, Elevates and Expands Employability with youth in Africa using the transformational practice of yoga. Our vision is to create opportunities for youth to step into their greatness and become self-sustaining leaders in their communities.

Who is AYP

AYP was created in 2007 to train youth and to build the wellness industry so that previously disenfranchised adolescents from marginalized communities can earn a self-sustaining income as community leaders. In turn, it enables them to build healthy, wellness-promoting communities. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, AYP serves diverse, marginalized, and vulnerable communities.
Currently we are more than 200 trained yoga instructors both give back to their communities by providing free yoga classes to over 6,000 people in a single week in Nairobi, and earn a living teaching classes at our yoga studio, the Shine Center, and at other studios, companies, gyms and homes across Kenya.

What AYP does

AYP connects those who want to make a difference by sharing their skills and strengths to those who can benefit from that teaching. The exchange is usually mutual and contributes equally to all. Individuals are empowered, relationships are forged, communities are healed both emotionally and physically, and new possibilities are seen and made real.

    Why Yoga?

    Yoga is a physical practice that links together a series of postures to allow for you to stretch your mind and body in ways you did not think were possible. The teachings and practice of yoga inspired the foundations of the Africa Yoga Project and are the primary vehicle for our work.
    Yoga has empowered millions of people across the world by supporting physical, mental, and emotional health, facilitating authentic personal expression, building supportive communities, and inspiring positive action to contribute to others. Africa Yoga Project is dedicated to delivering all that yoga has to offer to the diverse communities of East Africa, while simultaneously providing opportunities for members of the global yoga community to participate and contribute.

    Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

    The Baptiste Yoga practice and programs are designed to empower through focus, training and insight needed to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. It was founded in the 1940’s by Baron Baptiste and was inspired by the hatha yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya and his students Iyengar and Desikachar. A potent physical yoga practice, meditation practice and active self inquiry are used as tools of transformation encouraging participants to reclaim their full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities.







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