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Level Up! Retreat season is upon us.

You’ve been dreaming about that yoga retreat in the Tropics for months.  You’ll need your favorite, mat, your strap, a block, a towel, and all of your clothing and footwear.  You don’t want to be bogged down with a heavy rolling suitcase that you might have to carry over the rocks and sand. And typical backpacks are just too small and ill-equipped to hold everything, especially mats. 
The mantisyoga Retreat Duffel was made with exactly this situation in mind.  The lower compartment holds everything gear-related, even leaving room for shoes.  The upper compartment holds your clothing and more.  With the option to carry it as a backpack, you’re ready to traverse those winding jungle trails or cobblestone streets to get to that idyllic yoga oasis.  

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